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Its Qubool hai for Samiulla and Badresharf

Samiulla skipped a heartbeat when he first met his beautiful wife.

This gorgeous couple precisely remember every little detail of their first meet, surprises and now six months into their marriage, the duo is head over heels in love. I ask him if he had a list for his perfect partner and he said, "I wasn’t thinking of anything but when I saw her, she was beautiful and it felt really nice."

The gorgeous lady adds in a cute moment about their first meeting, "When he first came home, he just couldn't look at me.

That is why he just looked up for a glimpse and immediately looked down." So you didn't talk? "Of course, we spoke." Indeed they could strike a chord instantly and they got engaged just within a month.

Surprises wala courtship

Samiulla from Bombay and Badresharf from Ahmedabad had almost a yearlong courtship and they evidently had a long list of surprises too. Samiulla told me, “Her mother knew that I was going to Ahmedabad but it was a surprise for her.” Badresharf was all giggles when she narrated her side of this surprise plan, "Yes! He came to Ahmedabad to see me and I was completely unaware. I wake up in the morning to find him outside my house ringing the bell. But he did not know that we had a camera outside our door and it was no longer a surprise." She also had a little surprise planned for him. Instead of meeting him at the door, she made him wait before finally showing up.

Badresharf also added, “We spent my birthday together as well. He came to Ahmedabad to make my birthday special.”

Still exploring each other

Samiulla said that on the day of their wedding, her permission was taken in the afternoon and he said 'qubool hai' in the evening. But his best moment from their wedding was when… "I was informed that she said qubool hai." Just like any other bride, Badresharf also had jitters, "I remember I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was literally shivering and laughing while signing."

She had to add on, "In the evening when we were supposed to go for the reception, I was a little agitated with something but the moment I saw my car decorated with Orchids, I couldn’t help but smile. He remembered that I love orchids and ensured that my car is decorated with it."

So are you poles apart? "We are quite similar and different at times but we are still exploring each other," says Samiulla. He still had a bunch of compliments for his beautiful wife, "She goes out of her way to take care of me and she is my favourite cook. Now, I eat the healthiest and best food."

If he has compliments, then how can she not have any? "He sees the best in me - supports, understands and helps me. We are a team."

May every chapter in their lives be filled with infinite beautiful memories!

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